Hole 1 – High Tor – Par 4.

The round starts with an imposing uphill drive past the marker post to leave a mid to long iron into the green. The green is protected by bunkers front right and back left. There is also a small pond just through the green.
Hole 2 – Short Sweep – Par 3.

This short hole has bunkers each side of the green, also beware of over clubbing as out of bounds lurks a few yards through the green.
Hole 3 – Club House – Par 4.


The ideal drive is to the left of the marker as the fairway slopes to the right, leaving a short second shot downhill to the green. There are bunkers in view, front right and to the left. Over the green there is a steep bank and a hidden bunker towards the right.
Hole 4 – Bluebell Wood – Par3.


This hole plays uphill into the prevailing wind so may need more club than the distance suggests, beware the OOB on the right. The two-tier green is very narrow from back to front making par an achievement.
Hole 5 – Ash and Oak – Par 4.


Avoid the fairway bunkers and the hole becomes straightforward. Chance for a birdie?
Hole 6 – Twin Dykes – Par 5.


A lay up short before the first water makes this hole a straight forward par 5. Take the risk and drive over the water, avoid the trees on the right and a birdie beckons. Get it wrong and expect a bogie or worse.
Beware the bunkers at the rear of the green and the road, which is OOB.
Hole 7 – Road Hole – Par 4.


A short par 4 that is driveable for many players, but avoid the road, which is OOB. There are bunkers around the green and water over the green all of which give teeth to this potentially easy hole.
Hole 8 – Ducking Stool – Par 5.

This hole requires a good drive over the pond avoiding the lateral hazard to the left of the fairway. The cross ditch is in range for the longer hitters particularly if the hole is playing down wind.
A good second shot should leave a shortish third to the green that is better approached from the right side to avoid the bunker on the left.
Hole 9 – Valley – Par 4.


The main difficulties are the large Oak Trees on either side of the fairway and the cross ditch which is on driver range for many players. A lay up will leave a long shot to the green that has a bunker short right. Take on the ditch with the drive and if successful, will leave a mid to short iron to the green.
Hole 10 - Goose Green - Par 3.


This is a long par 3 often playing into the prevailing wind. With OOB to the left and a lateral hazard to the right a long straight drive is required. Any drive right of centre risks drifting into the bunker on the right. Maybe a lay up short of the green from the tee would be prudent to leave a pitch and a putt for par, or accept that bogie is not a bad result on this hole.
Hole 11 – Churchill – Par 4.


An accurate drive is essential to get through the gap in the trees in front of the tee. The green is guarded by a bunker front right, but beware OOB is close to the green on the left and through the back.
Hole 12 – Narrow Lane – Par 4.


Probably the most difficult tee shot when played from the back (white tee). With OOB both sides and the fairway sloping left to right it is essential to hit the left half of the fairway. Having found the fairway from the tee, the shot to the green is influenced by the large Oak Tree that has to be negotiated. A birdie chance, but several attempts from the tee can lead to a very high score. When played from the yellow tee, the hole becomes much easier, with the green reachable on the drive.
Hole 13 – Haw Creek – Par 5.


A fairly short par 5 with a good drive just short of the cross ditch puts the green in range for the second and a birdie or even an eagle chance.
Beware of the trees and lateral water hazard on the left and the big tree on the right from the tee, which gives this hole some teeth.
Hole 14 – Long Haul – Par 4.


This is a long par 4 playing uphill into the prevailing wind protected by a ditch some 200 yards from the tee and a lateral hazard on the left. Sometimes the safe play is to lay-up and play the hole as a par 5.
Hole 15 – Spinney Drive – Par 4.


A good drive up the left side of the fairway opens up the green for the second shot. Although there are no bunkers, there is a difficult apron which makes it essential to approach the green from the left. Drives up the right side are blocked out by the large Elm Tree at the top of the hill.
Hole 16 – Long Island – Par 4.


This is our signature hole with a wide fairway inviting a good drive which if long enough allows a short to mid iron to the island green, protected by a moat around the front and left, plus a bunker and a pond to the rear.
If you don’t fancy the second shot, lay up just short of the moat and chip onto the green.
Hole 17 – Three Ponds – Par 4.


Drive over the first pond in front of the tee and the second pond is strategically placed on driving distance so the choice is to drive past to the left of the pond or lay up short and play to the generous green with a wood or long iron. The third pond is just to the right of the green.
Hole 18 – Rovers Return – Par 4.


Either drive over the corner of the paddock (which is OOB), or to the corner and accept the long second shot to a large green with a bunker on the left.
Hole 19 – In the Club House
Join Tory and her staff in the friendly clubhouse for the welcome drink and perhaps a bite to eat. Count the score, remember the good shots, forget the bad, but most importantly come back soon and try again.