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Head greenkeeper’s Report


Well where do I start?!  I know, I will start with what I have learnt over the past 10 months!




1)            Some people don’t like change so I will address that point first!!  When I took over I   had        a vision to make things a different challenge and more interesting.  I knew that as we      have at least 200 greenkeepers I would get lots of different opinions and some of            those have been interesting to say the least!  We keep finding dummies and teddy       bears in the rough, but on the whole members and visitors have been very happy                 with the new look and the support has been good.  Plus every cloud has a silver           lining as Simon’s ball sales have tripled!




2)            I have learnt that things don’t always go according to plan and you can bite off a bit   more than you can chew.  The changes we took on were quite a challenge and our              friend the weather didn’t help.  But they are done now and in time they will be really             good.  I’m very pleased with the change in the last month and if we continue to get                normal weather they will flourish.




3)            I have learnt that you have to have a thick skin and you’re not always going to be        popular, but I am proud of what we have achieved and I will continue to do what I           think is best for our club.




OK, so as some of you are aware we had a company out to spray tees, fairways, surrounds and rough and that has banished the weeds and the fairways etc. are thick and healthy thanks to the weather.  The greens we have a programme of treatments throughout the year which a lot of the time you don’t see being applied as our day begins at 5am and yours starts a little later!  The greens suffered with fuzz (disease) through winter and treating it killed it but as grass doesn’t grow in winter the scars took a long time to heal.  They are now looking good and are running true.  I made the decision to keep the height of cut slightly higher this year (last year 3mm-3.5mm, now 4mm) as to stop them getting stressed and hopefully help prevent disease, but only time will tell.




As you are aware in the summer months we only have time to mow, strim, rake, water, change holes etc. but at the back end of this year our plan is to get a delivery of top soil where the tee was removed on the 12th, seed and plant trees, also drains in the bunkers.  The tees are not being raised on the 10th but will have some sort of surround put round them but not sure what yet.  I am not planning on extending any more greens but I am pleased with how the ones I have done are coming on.  The new tee markers purchased by the GMC will go in over the next couple of months, as there are 54 of them it’s not a 5 minute job and Brian will be doing most of them!




So, I’m going to bring this to close by thanking a few people.  Firstly to my bosses, for going with my ideas!!  To James, Brad and Dylan for all of their hard work and never letting me down and also Alan Smith and Simon for their input.  Also to Tom Ryan for the work done on the car park and behind the barns.




I’ll hopefully get back to you at the end of the season.